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Inna Shevchenko Nude

Semi-naked women protest censorship

(6 Jun 2011) 1. Female protesters taking off jeans while chanting against censorship, UPSOUND: (Russian) "We are only congratulating the honest ones (journalists)" 2. Protesters ripping...


FEMEN FRANCE Inna Shevchenko Davos Vatican - Feministes activistes topless. Manifestation Femen seins nus. Soundtrack : Jensy Elsah " Mauvaises graces ". Tags FEMEN FEMEN FRANCE FEMEN INNA..

Topless vs 'fascist epidemic': Femen march in Paris

23 topless women with a nazi symbol to the colours of the European flag on their chest marched to the place where National Front leader Marine Le Pen was due to kick-start her European campa

NEWSNIGHT: Inside the Femen boot camp

BBC Newsnight's Zoe Conway went to the Paris headquarters of the Femen - feminist activists whose trademark is the "topless ambush"

France FEMEN urinates on Ukrainian president Explicit Material

Members of FEMEN protested in front of the Ukrainian embassy in Paris Sunday, the latest action by the group in the French capital. They were protesting the decision by Ukraine's government.

Femen Member Is Taking Off Clothes On Live Al Jazeera Program

Inna Shevchenko, leader of the feminist movement FEMEN France, appeared topless on a live program on Arab television channel Al Jazeera to protest "Medieval prejudices." On the evening progr

Pussy Riot & Inna Sherchenko of the Femen Movement

Pussy Riot & Inna Sherchenko of the Femen Movement - Nude protests designed to provoke and bring attention to male supremacy.

The Bill Cosby Show But It's Starring Naked Nicolle Rochelle

Former 'Cosby Show' actress protests topless at Bill Cosby's sexual assault retrial A topless protester who charged at Bill Cosby as he arrived at his sexual-assault retrial Monday morning..

Femen hold topless protest outside National Front campaign launch

Femen activists have held a topless protest in central Paris to confront the National Front. They gathered outside the Maison des Centraliens where far-right leader Marine Le Pen was launchi

FEMEN Ukraine

Clip FEMEN directed by Alain Margot With Alexandra Shevchenko - Inna Shevchenko - Eugenia Kreisman.

Topless Femen activist hangs from Paris bridge in anti-Rouhani protest

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La Femen Da Eliminare

Dal Corriere della Sera del 16 febbraio 2015 - Inna Shevchenko la Leader Delle Femen Ukraine -