Ellen Degeneres Nude

Ellen DeGeneres Goes NUDE With Kim Kardashian In New Pic

While Kim Kardashian thinks its ok for her to show her body, other stars many not think so. Bet miller and 19 year chloe mortez decided to share their thoughts on ...

Ellen DeGeneres And Chelsea Handler Nude In The Shower

Ellen DeGeneres And Chelsea Handler Nude In The Shower - Turns out that Ellen DeGeneres has a bone to pick with Chelsea Handler—and she confronts a ...

Ashton Kutcher Gets Naked

That's right! For Ellen's Season Premiere, Ashton Kutcher spared no expense, except for one: clothes! Before the show he was wearing nothing more than a robe ...

Ellen DeGeneres & Joely Fisher Kiss!

Ellen & Joely share a passionate kiss, pretending to be lovers on Ellen's TV series.

Justin Bieber on His Nude Paparazzi Photo

The music star discussed the revealing photo that made the Internet say, "Baby, baby, baby, oh"!

Jennifer Lawrence on Her 'Liberating' Nude Scene

Jennifer Lawrence explained to Ellen why she chose her movie "Red Sparrow" to do her first nude scene, and why it was "liberating" to show it all off.

John Cena Has to Warn His Fiancee About Nude Scenes

Actor/wrestler John Cena had to bare his bum again on the big screen for "Blockers," and admitted to Ellen he now has to run all his nude scenes by his fiancee ...

Heidi Klum, Pregnant and Naked on Ellen

Heidi Klum, Pregnant and Naked on Ellen.

Ellen DeGeneres" NAKED, in the shower."!!

One celebrity who did not join the sing-along was Ellen DeGeneres, but the daytime talk show host did visit Handler when she was at her most comfortable: ...

Sofia Vergara Wants to See Ellen in Her Underwear

Modern Family” star Sofía Vergara discussed her new EBY Underwear line, and she had the perfect pair for Ellen.

What's Wrong with These Photos? Nude Beach Edition

Ellen loves the photos her viewers send in with something not quite right about them. Check out this new batch featuring a beach that's not for the faint of heart!